The POUNDER is your heavy hitter. It does double damage and can attack at range, but is costly and can't attack enemies in its blind spot.


The PAWN is the cheap, easily replaceable back-bone of your arsenal. Limited movement and combat ability are made up for by high health.

The DISRUPTER is the backbone of your economy. A Disrupter can capture territory around it, adding to your Action Points! It cannot attack.

​​​Coming Soon!
Play how you want!
Bite sized!

The AIR has increase move speed and can traverse water, making it ideal for sneak attacks. It cannot be attacked by pawns

Keep an eye out for Gibraltar on Steam and itch.io. We're working hard to get the game into your hands soon!

Lead your army of adorable robots to victory in Gibraltar, a bite sized, turn-based strategy game!

Every match plays differently. Move one unit 6 times or move 6 units once! It's up to you! Throw powerful Action Cards into the mix and you've got a whirlwind of strategic action.



Matches last 5 - 10 minutes. Gibraltar was created to be played in bite-sized chunks, in the back of class, on the bus or over lunch.